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Are you an outliner? Try sitting down with no plan at all and see what happens after a few hours. And take a look a the book 2K to 10K by Rachel Aaron for ideas about what you might be capable of based on this decision. Anothoer thing that helps me get faster is scheduling.

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I am very lucky in that I have all day to play with, so my schedule works like this…. Notice that nowhere on this list does the word vacuum appear. Still waiting to hit the big time so I can afford that full-time maid. But I digress…. It gives my brain a break from chewing on the problem of the day, and I get more done overall. This decision, apart from being sort of fun, is all about branding and visibility.

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In regards to the Aster Wood shorts, I get to explore the minds of some of my characters in depth, and I also get a shiny new title out every month or two. For the shorts, I sit down at the keyboard and pants it, fingers flying over the keys. If you get stuck or overly distracted, write something. Sometimes even a detailed email will get my fingers into the groove of tick-tick-ticking on the keyboard, and suddenly my brain frees itself from the mud and starts producing again.

This writing thing takes an enormous amount of determination and discipline. But the only way to get faster, most would agree, is to write every day.

But you gotta try. When you fall off the wagon, you gotta shove a carrot back in that greedy mouth and keep on going. I consider writing stories to be a problem-solving endeavor which is why I like it. I create a problem for myself to solve decide on characters, world, conflicts , and then I have to solve it in a way that is hopefully engaging and entertaining.

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A novel is like a giant puzzle, intricate and infuriating once you start to dig in there. But my problems are rarely solved while sitting in front of the computer screen. For me, the biggest challenges I encounter in my writing are usually solved in the bathtub. It just pops into my brain out of thin air. So take a walk. Go grocery shopping. Play with the dog. Take a nap.

Figure out how many words you can currently write each day that will only require edits before becoming publication worthy or query worthy, as the case may be. Come up with a different project that you can work on at the same time as your main endeavor to see if you can train yourself to double your word output.

Even an extra words a day on a side project is going to net you , words a year. Find your bathtub. And good ideas do not come during procrastination. Schedule yourself a few months out.

Print out some free calendars and post them on your wall next to your desk. Above all, keep going. You might not be writing your God novel this time around.

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You might still be practicing, like me. But move forward. He must find his way back to the friends who will stand beside him in the great battles to come.

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But when he finds Stonemore under a wicked enchantment, nothing is as he remembers. Now Aster must seek the great gold stone that Jade possesses, hoping that it will be enough to balance the Fold, and that his own magic will finally break through the fear of failure that has plagued him all along. All rights reserved. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Aster is lost, depleted, sad, conflicted and suffering from guilt over his inability to save Jade. She is the sister he never had, and he feels like a coward for not putting up more of a fight for her.

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Aster has some decisions to make. During the course of the story he meets up with old friends, and discovers new ones. We also have a new villain, and he is vile and disgusting. I like that Aster is growing up into a brave young man. He is not the sickly child we got to know in the first book. With the help of the Watcher, he discovers and experiments with his power.

I was happy to see Larissa back as I enjoy her grating personality. I also found out there is more to her than I first thought. The flesh eating army under the command of the Coyle sent shivers down my spine. What exactly are they doing with the children and what part do they have to play in the war? Bait perhaps? Food for the army? As with the other two books in the series, there was nothing that niggled me. I loved the book as is. The way this one ended, I just cannot wait for the next one.

Is Aster actually going to get a chance to go home?

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