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By: Tyson, Herbert L. Contributor s : ebrary, Inc. DDC classification: Includes index. Log in to your account to post a comment. Export Cancel. I tried it but it did not seem to work importing the right text. Any suggestions you have will be helpful. Ah yes, that's a bug. Unfortunately there are different verse numberings in LXX morphology versus actual greek text, which stuffs everything up. Not sure how to fix it as yet.

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Jon and Precha, Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your work! The new version can be downloaded from the original post in this thread - I have overwritten the original attachment, as usual.

God bless, Jon. I was wondering if the attachment I just downloaded off this page is the updated file or if I need to get it elsewhere? Thanks for putting this together.

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Jordan I see the answer to my question above. I did not notice that a second ago. Hello, I've tried the hebrew parsing macro, but it eats the formatting of the first word.

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Hi Laurentiu, I have replied via email. Anyone else with similar problems? I can't reproduce the problem so far, but I'm only testing with two particular configs. Same issue here. Vista fully updated. Using a trail version of Word waiting for Windows 7 disk to get here to install my version.

Just installed BW8 and did updates. Looks like SBL font. EDIT: Disabling accents helped for manually parsing. It isn't working right when parsing different errors when the cursor is right or left aligned. Pasting works though to get the Hebrew inserted. Hmm, might be coincidence, but both of you guys are using trial versions of word.

I wonder if that's the problem. If either of you could attach a word document in which the problem occurred, that would be very helpful.

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I will keep you updated. My Windows 7 disk is "in processing" and when I get it I will install the full version of office and give it another go. Thanks for the help! My bad. There are a couple of bugs I've found causing formatting woes for particular verses, including the loss of formatting on the first word. One of them is a stand-alone conjunction with it's own prefixed conjunction e.

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I'm currently testing a fix to this. I'm preaching on Judges for the next half a year, so I'll hopefully catch a few more of the exception cases like this one. Thanks Jon! I upgraded to Windows 7 and installed my retail version of Office and I have the same issue. I tested a couple Greek verses and didn't see any major problems off hand but the Hebrew verses I have tested still are not showing correctly.

When inserted the font is the Bhebb font size I tried toggling off accents in BW8 to see if that helped with no success. Is there any info like settings in BW8? Thanks, Joshua. Can you give me the references for the verses that you've tried out that don't work? I'd also love if you could attach an actual word document where it happened.

For me it is every verse. Maybe something to do with how the beginning of the verse is being treated? In the attached I did some various samples Gen , ; Exo ; Deu Let me know if you need anything else!

Btw, this is a nifty tool for inserting the text right into Word--that alone is very helpful!! Default was docx and BW's forum rejected. I don't think Word had the ribbon bar at the top, in which case it won't work, sorry :. I've updated the latest version see the attachment back on the original post on the first page of this thread , which fixes some start of verse Hebrew problems that I was having - hoping it will fix yours, too, Joshua.

Give it a shot when you have time and let me know. I don't think Word had the ribbon bar at the top, in which case it won't work, sorry : I just started using BW8 and recently found this thread.

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This seems like a great tool but I have Word 10 and before downloading was just wondering if it will work. Yep, this add-in works with the ribbon bar, but I've only tested it up to Word Cheers, Jon.

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Thanks Jon. These add-ins [both Hebrew and Greek] work in Word also. Thank you for the hard work! Thanks, I tried to add the greek. We truly have an objective view of Word presented here that makes one feel the author is on your side rather than in Microsoft's court. An animated overview of several basic and advanced features of Word are presented. After viewing a few of the segments I copied the entire CD-ROM to my external hard drive because I knew I would be referring to it frequently in the future. This book is excellent and a great addition to the library of any novice or advanced Word user.

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