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The fellow will also gain experience in the perioperative care of children undergoing a variety of sub-specialty surgeries including neurosurgery, facial-maxillary reconstruction, ENT and general surgery. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive transplant institutes where the surgeons and specialized anesthesiologists are known for their expertise in handling multi-organ transplantation. Pediatric fellows participate in these cases and their peri-operative performance, longitudinal learning experience and skills advancements with placement of invasive monitors is measured throughout the year utilizing specific metrics.

The considerable academic support of our complex, multifaceted, integrated teams has enabled this program to continue to reach the highest levels in pediatric anesthesia and perioperative healthcare for our region. The fellowship promotes sub-specialty systems thinking, smooth integration of interdisciplinary linkages along with improved clinical-academic support. At JMH , fellows will gain considerable experience in the anesthetic care of full-term and premature infants. Applicants must have a current and valid Florida Medical License or must be eligible to be registered upon appointment.

Program Curriculum The Clinical training in Pediatric Anesthesiology is spent caring for pediatric patients in the operating rooms, other anesthetizing areas and in the intensive care units.

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This includes experience providing anesthesia for inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures, non-operative procedures outside the operating rooms, pre-anesthesia, post anesthesia care. Claude Abdallah Anesthesiologist.

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Susan Baker Anesthesiologist. Lisa Banta Anesthesiologist. Matthew Becker Anesthesiologist. Marjorie Brennan Anesthesiologist. Anna Brown Anesthesiologist. Chaitanya Challa Anesthesiologist.

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Jessica Cronin Anesthesiologist. Mofya Diallo Anesthesiologist.

William Elliott Anesthesiologist. Quentin Fisher Anesthesiologist. Shelby Fullen Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant. Anya Gartner Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant. Giuliana Geng-Ramos Anesthesiologist.

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Daryl Jacob Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant. Richard Kaplan Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Jasleen Kaur Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant. Angela Lee Anesthesiologist. Andrew Matisoff Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Jonathon Nelson Anesthesiologist. Nikhil Patel Anesthesiologist. Ramesh Patel Anesthesiologist. Heather Plocinik Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant. Scott Plunkett Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant.

Nina Rawtani Anesthesiologist. Teodoro Reyes Anesthesiologist. Alberto Rivera-Cintron Anesthesiologist.

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Renee Roberts Anesthesiologist. John Ruth Anesthesiologist. Domiciano Santos Jr. Medical Director, Perioperative Services Anesthesiologist. Brenda Satterthwaite Anesthesiologist. Jacob Schick Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant.

Monica Shah Anesthesiologist. Jonathan Swink Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant. Chinwe Unegbu Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Songyos Valairucha Anesthesiologist. Janelle Vaughns Anesthesiologist. Susan Verghese Anesthesiologist. Andrew Waberski Cardiac Anesthesiologist. Caroline Wright Anesthesiologist. Julia Arons Nurse Practitioner.

Nakisa Garris Nurse Practitioner.